About Me

Danielle Yardy B&W

Recovering Academic

I’m a socially engaged researcher and educator dedicated to addressing issues of educational disadvantage and access to higher education. With a decade of experience throughout the education sector including primary, secondary, post-secondary and adult education, course development, and assessment of outreach initiatives, I am currently working at the Education Advisory Board. As part of the research and insights division, I discover, analyze, and communicate best practices in higher education IT. I currently live and work between Chicago and Washington, DC.

Before turning my attention to technology, I earned my Ph. D. in Renaissance literature from the University of Oxford, and my bachelor’s degree in English from Durham University. My doctoral research focused on the Marian state’s use of burning at the stake during the Reformation and its effect on the theatre of Elizabethan England. In parallel with my Ph. D. I was the co-organizer of a research project examining the cultural history of procrastination and even held a seminar series and international conference on the topic (as reported in The New York Times and The Telegraph).

For more information on research and outputs, please see LinkedInAcademia.edu.


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